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Postby Guest » 07/31/04 03:46 PM

Since I am now using two of David Hoy's ideas in my repertoire (Tossed-Out Deck, albeit a later evolution of it, and his miscall technique for book tests), I'm becoming interested in the man.

Is Mr. Hoy still around? I seem to have picked up that he was rather religious, and that doesn't always fit the job that mentalists must do.

Is there a biography of him somewhere? Tidbits from the laity? Was he a good performer? How many books of tricks did he produce? He seems to be a top-rate mind, and perhaps fit material for a Book of the Month.

Postby Tabman » 07/31/04 04:00 PM

mr hoy passed on some years ago. kevin king (the other one) from close by here spent a lot of time with him. i have a bumper sticker that mr hoy gave me some years ago. it reads something like "protected by mentalism" or something like that. its at home and im at the studio. ive got a few more things too. if you're interested ill dig them out. he lived close by in kenturky.
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Postby Steve Bryant » 07/31/04 05:38 PM

He was also the brother-in-law of my Little Egypt (southern Illinois) state congressman, Kenneth Gray. For a time he lived in Paducah, KY, and would sell advice as mentalists used to do. My aunt consulted him once about a lost ring. He wrote back that he felt it hadn't been stolen but just misplaced, and that she would find it soon. He charged $15 for this advice. (Which I think proved to be accurate.)
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Postby John Smetana » 07/31/04 07:21 PM

David, I'd suggest you find a copy of Hoy's bio "SUPER PSYCHIC-THE INCREDIBLE DR.HOY" by John Godwin.Published in 1974 by "Pocket Books"

Best thoughts,
John Smetana
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Postby Guest » 08/02/04 06:39 PM

"Super Psychic" is an interesting read...to go from Bob Jones University...Gospel Magic...(briefly) politics...to mentalist/Psychic performer/broadcaster...is something. Hoy deserves a larger book about him. He briefly wrote a column on Gospel Magic in THE LINKING RING.

He also did a psychic Q&A program, on the radio, when they had been banned for decades...but when his drawing power...caused radio stations to have more interest in better ratings than needing to follow the NBA's guidelines.

Postby Guest » 08/02/04 07:35 PM

Originally posted by Diego Domingo:
"Super Psychic" is an interesting read...to go from Bob Jones University...Gospel Magic...(briefly) politics....
Bob Jones University?!!! You gotta be kidding. I have no more interest in this subject.... :eek:

Postby Guest » 08/02/04 09:39 PM

A discussion regarding Bob Jones University would not be appropiate in this Forum. But whatever your feelings are about BJU, remember Hoy went from BJU...his public and personal lifestyle in later years being quite different.

(I know people who are proud they went to BJU, and I also know those, who are proud they were expelled from BJU.)

Postby Richard Hatch » 08/03/04 11:02 AM

Hoy is one five magicians known to have been mentioned in the Warren Commission report on the Kennedy assassination...
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Postby Pete Biro » 08/03/04 11:11 AM

Hoy once told me the key to making successful predictions was to make hundreds of them and brag about your hits. :D
Stay tooned.
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Postby Guest » 08/03/04 01:41 PM

It worked for him as it does for others.
During the 1928 election, Koran,"The Crystal Seer Supreme", (aka William P. Taylor)sent a letter to both Herbert Hoover and Al Smith predicting their victory. When Hoover won, of course Koran made much of this and sending a letter to Hoover reminding him of his support/prediction, got his photo taken with him on The White House lawn.

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