The Real Ricky Jay

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We may have all seen the YouTube clip of Mr. Jay where he apparently loses his nerves while demonstrating some kind of scam. Real or not, nobody knows. We also read or heard stories about Ricky Jay depicting him in a not-so-good way. I was just curious to hear about people who may know him personnally. What's Ricky Jay really like? I, personnally, would love to spend a evening with him. He seems like a damn interesting person to talk to and to learn from.


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Read the 1993 Singer article in The New Yorker, which can be found on Jay's website. It's likely the best publicly-available source for getting insight into Jay's psyche, and I think it's decently revealing. Those who are close to Jay are reluctant to talk about him in private, let alone in a public forum.


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Here is a link to the New Yorker article

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Chris Norris,
Thanks for that link. It was a well spent hour. :)
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Thanks for the link, chris


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