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Postby Todd Robbins » 03/17/03 08:12 AM

I must admit that this post is completely self serving, but it is a bit of history that has not been written.

Back in the middle of the 1970s, the Academy of Magicial Arts decided to start up a Junior Society. One Spring Saturday afternoon, there was a public meeting to introduce this new level of membership. Several hundred people showed up and packed the second floor dining room of the Magic Castle. The advisor in charge of the Junior Society, Diana Zimmerman, had to stand on a chair to address the crowd. She explained that auditions would be held and thirty young magicians under the age of 21 would be given membership. Forms were handed out and returned with contact information of the young hopefulls.

Shortly thereafter, I recieved my audition date. I was sadden to discover that I was going to be in Northern California doing some shows on that date. I called Diana and told her I was to be out of town and hoped that I could get a spot on the next round audition that were to be held in six months. Diana reminded me that we had worked together on several shows, including our Long Beach Mystic's It's Amazing show, and that she knew what I could do. Mark Kalin was also going to be out of town, so she decided that Mark and I would be the first two members of the Junior Society.

I have not made a big deal out of this in the past when, several years ago, there was a issue of Genii devoted to the Junior Society and I was not mentioned. I bring it up now after the 40 year history of the Castle was chronicled and I was once again left out of section on the Junior Society. I know these were just minor oversights. I just want to make the history complete.

Though being a member of the Academy of Magical Arts Junior Society has not be the high point of my career, it was a great group to be part of and I am proud to say I was a member.

Speaking of high points, someday I will write up about being banned from working the Magic Castle.

Todd Robbins
Todd Robbins
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Postby John Bodine » 03/17/03 12:03 PM

Was the ban for performing a "pile trick"? From what I understand, when you join you agree not to perform card tricks which involving dealing piles of cards or cutting the deck into several piles, etc. A valiant attempt to avoid uninteresting magic.

John Bodine
John Bodine
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Postby Todd Robbins » 03/17/03 11:40 PM

The ban had to do with some people thinking my act was a "pile" but not of cards.
Todd Robbins
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Postby Dustin Stinett » 03/18/03 12:07 AM

I hope we don't have to wait too long to hear this story!

Back in the late 70s A friend of mine blew his Castle Junior audition by doing the Paul Harris effect "Vacuum Cleaner Cards" and actually having the temerity to use the line "the card that sucks" during the performance. It was the line that killed him, of course.

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