The night they raided Marshall's

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Postby Guest » 12/02/06 11:31 AM

During the time that I occupied Jay Marshall's loft the police were staking out the neighborhood because of recent burglaries. I came home late one night and when I got upstairs I saw spotlights on the front windows. I looked out and saw five police cars and it seemed a zillion cops - several with sub-machine guns. I was ordered to come down and open the door. I was a New Yorker and no fool and did exactly as I was told. The cops searched the place and decided that the big darkroom Jay had built along with what was only one bed in a very empty room indicated that the loft must be producing pornography. They spent hours searching through Jay's books but only found very little pornography. Jay was interested in EVERYTHING. The cops finaly left and I think Jay made a few more fans that night.

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