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Postby Jerry Harrell » 11/26/04 10:01 AM

Researching an article about the formation of our local IBM Ring, and trying to locate any info about Washington DC magician and magic dealer Harry Baker. Surprised to find nothing in Whaley's Whos Who or Waters' Encyclopedia. Searching the forum also turned up nothing. All I have been able to find was a photo from the 40th anniversary issue of Sphinx of "Captain" Harry Baker. Any old timers or historians on the forum who can help? Much appreciated.
Jerry Harrell
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Postby Tabman » 11/26/04 08:06 PM

Whaley's book has lots of holes in it. We were talking about Baker's Magic Shop last year here on Genii. I visited his shop several times as a kid. His wife was named Dolly if I remember correctly. He looked like a magician when you met him in person. It was a tiny shop. Have you tried getting in touch with Howie Schwarzman??? I bet Howie has some info. He's in Baltimore. Good luck and if you get more info I hope you will share it with us here. Thanks,
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Postby Philippe Billot » 11/27/04 12:40 AM

Jerry, you are lucky !
I'm working on the Genii Open Index Project and I have just finished the Issue N9, Vol 3, May 1939 where William W. Larsen, Sr. talks about Harry Baker.

See Themagicfiles.com
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Postby Michael Edwards » 11/27/04 05:56 AM

Indeed, Harry Baker was the cover of that particular issue of Genii (May 1939). There are literally dozens of references to him in past issues of The Linking Ring and in M-U-M. Two other possible sources: inasmuch as Baker was also past president of the local Washington, DC SAM Assembly #23, some infomation may reside there. Another resource, of course, is Al Cohen -- a cornerstone of the magic community in our nation's capital for some fifty years and whose Memoirs of a Magic Dealer column appears in Genii. As noted in his columns, Al can be reached at alsmagic@comcast.net. Hope this helps.
Michael Edwards
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Postby Bill Wells » 11/27/04 08:20 AM

I remember going to Harry Baker's magic shop the first time I ever visited Washington, D.C. I think I still have the set of color changing knives I purchased there. Tabby is correct in saying his wife's name was Dolly. Michael is also correct in recommending that you contact Al Cohen for additional information.
I also remember visiting Earl Edwards' magic shop after whom your Ring is named. In fact, I learned about the I.B.M. from a member of Ring 103, Dr. William Old, who sponsored my membership in 1963.
Bill Wells
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Postby Jerry Harrell » 11/27/04 02:26 PM

Many thanks for the responses and the e-mails. All very helpful.
Jerry Harrell
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Postby Guest » 11/27/04 05:52 PM

Jerry, I went there in 1957 or 1958. Harry was not there but the lady was. I did not think it was his wife but I may be wrong. I do remember hr stage name was Dolly Snow.
My first magic trip to Norfolk was about the same time for the banquet. Earl Edwards had a shop
on Bush Street called Edmar. I think somebody
named Martin was involved. I have a picture of the 1960 Banquet, all in attendance, I had a
copy made for Ken Hicks a few years ago....Mike

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