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Postby Guest » 09/21/02 10:00 PM

A friend of mine wants to know more about Jasper Maskelyne and his adventures in WWII. He will log on here in a couple of days (after he receives his password) and take over the conversation.

For the moment, however, if anyone knows where to find information about Jasper's wartime career, please let us know. (He already owns David Fisher's book, THE WAR MAGICIAN, and wants more than that.)

Bibliographies and sources would be particularly helpful, although he's not interested in hustling a screenplay (he's just a voracious reader). Any information about the new movie would be great, too.

Postby Michael Edwards » 09/22/02 03:44 AM


For a somewhat different aspect of Jasper Maskelyne's life, you (he) might want to consider Anne Davenport and John Salisse's St. George's Hall: Behind the Scenes at England's Home of Mystery (Magic Words, 2001)

Michael Edwards
Michael Edwards
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Postby Guest » 10/16/02 08:56 AM

Thank you, Michael. I'm sorry it's taken me this long to reply, but I appreciate your prompt response. I haven't found the book you mentioned yet, but as an employee of the Pasadena Public Library, I expect I'll manage.

This book will be about Mr. Maskelyne's career as a performing magician in England, though, and not specifically about his wartime efforts? I'm still interested, but my main focus is on his work with the military.

Still, I appreciate your reply. Thanks very much!

Tom Hubbard

Postby Timothy Hyde » 10/23/02 08:47 PM

Though hard to get hold of
military historian and magician
Richard Stokes of Australia did a
series of 22 articles in the
Geniis Magic Journal (Note. not Genii)
running from January 94.

Incredibly researched, it blows quite
a few of the "popular stories" about Jasper
clean out of the water.


Timothy Hyde
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Postby Guest » 10/24/02 07:27 AM

Thank you, Timothy.

Do you know where Geniis Magic Journal might be located? Is it an online source, or print publication? Since you're posting from Australia, and you mention that Mr. Stokes is also from Australia, I'm guessing it may be published Down Under.


Tom Hubbard

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