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Postby Guest » 07/06/07 05:26 PM

Oh how I dread the flaming I'll receive for this question.

In the DVD by Mark Raffles called Legacy he said that the first thing Nelson Mandela asked after being freed was whether Mark Raffles is still doing his pickpocket act. The point was to demonstrate just how long Raffles has been performing.

It made for a good joke but after thinking about it I began to wonder if there was any truth to it. I'll put my asbestos jacket on, sit back, and watch the responses.

Postby Guest » 08/07/07 09:49 PM

So I assume Mr. Raffles was just making a joke?

Postby Guest » 08/08/07 01:59 AM

On your behalf I phoned Mark Raffles for clarification.

And you are right it is simply a gag.

In his talks he uses it as an opener, stating that he has been doing is pickpocket act for many years, and indeed the first thing Nelson Mandela asked when freed was, "Is Mark Raffles still doing his pickpocket act?"

The line gets a good laugh as Mark expands intro his talk.

Postby Guest » 08/08/07 04:43 AM

It is a good joke, Thanks Quentin. Even though I've only seen Raffles on DVD his showmanship is incredible.

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