Correctness of Robert-Houdin's Memoirs

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Postby Stepanov » 07/15/05 04:15 PM

I am so apologize. I am not Harry Houdini, but I search errors on Memoirs of Robert-Houdin. My work goes under respect of Great Magician. I want only made best translating of this book on Russian.

1. On French edition of Memoirs, chapter IX, mentioned book "Commentaires sur l'Enode". Can it be Exode, not Enode?
2. Robert-Houdin mentioned the book "Traite d'horlogerie" by Berthoud. I try find it on Internet. Most mentions neighbored with name of Robert-Houdin. But there are really famous works by MOINET and LEPAUTE. Can Robert-Houdin made error?

Oleg Stepanov.
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Postby Stepanov » 07/23/05 08:57 PM

I am so appologize. Nobody answered, but I still interesting this subject.
On 1995 version of Robert-Houdim "Memoirs", when mentioned Comus, Houdin made note: "Comus eut tard un concurrent redoutable dans Cotte dit Conus..." But, as I remember, it was two Comus, and Houdin mean "this Comus not Cotte-Comus". Who have first edition of "Les Confidences d'un Prestidigitateur"? Can it be only typo, because on 1995 version a lot of typos?
Looks like mr. Fechner suppose on book mentioned first Comus, which was like 70 that time, because on notes write about Ledru.

Oleg Stepanov
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Postby Guest » 07/29/05 01:26 PM

Mr. Stepanov,

I don't know French, so can't answer your questions; but as to "Traite d'horlogerie", rather than simply searching the internet, have you tried larger unified library files? I am thinking of the services OCLC (Online Catalog of the Library of Congress) and RLIN (Research Libraries Information Network). They are subscription services based here in the States, but might be available from larger libraries there in Russia, particularly University libraries, and will allow you to search for books in every conceivable fashion.

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