Where is J.D. Richardson?

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Postby Guest » 09/13/03 06:18 PM

I'm trying to track down J.D. Richardson in relation to an out of circulation gimmick. If anyone has any contact information for Mr. Richardson it would be greatly appreciated.


Postby Adrian Kuiper » 09/14/03 01:33 PM

Probably not the same guy, but wasn't J.D.Richardson the real name of the "Big Bopper"?

(The stuff you remember.....)
Adrian Kuiper
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Postby pduffie » 09/14/03 02:11 PM

The Big Bopper was Jiles Perry Richardson!
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Postby Guest » 09/16/03 11:52 PM

I believe he used to advertise in Genii. Maybee Richard has some contact info....?


Postby Guest » 09/17/03 04:03 AM

Jiggy...I think we've discussed this a while back. I have contact info, and I know the item you're searching for (it's AcuPUNKture again, isn't it?) and have one (not for sale, though). I don't think J.D. (NOT his real name) doesn't read these boards. Send me an email privately at noncnz@aol.com, and I'll get you the contact info...okay?

Steve Thomas

Postby Guest » 12/13/05 05:41 PM

I can be reached at


James D. Richardson/B.C. Milnov

Postby Guest » 09/21/07 09:09 AM

J.D. Richardson can be reached at

The Original Acupunkture is no longer available but may be in the future, though probably not for some time.

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