David Solomon's East Coast Lecture Tour

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Postby David Solomon » 01/15/03 10:11 AM

I will be lecturing in the following locations:
Feb. 18 Marc DeSouza's Home in Philadelphia
Feb. 19 McNichols Round Table in Linden, NJ
Feb. 20 Ronjos Magic Shop on Long Island
Feb. 21 Denny and Lee's Magic Shop in Essex,MD

The lecture will have new material and highlight my new DVD.

Say hello if you attend!

Dave Solomon
David Solomon
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Postby mike cookman » 01/15/03 03:03 PM

Hey, aren't you going to lecture at Magic Inc?
mike cookman
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Postby Guest » 01/16/03 12:46 PM

How do I find out about attending the Philadelphia lecture?


Postby Guest » 01/16/03 01:01 PM


Marc DeSouza has an email list of people that he emails when lectures come to his house. If you have never been to Marc's its definately a treat.

His whole basement is magic. Wall-to-wall-to-ceiling shelves with magic books and notes. A whole room of magic apperatus, and a beautiful lecture theater.

His lecture theater has tiered seating, approx. 30 seats which are real reclining movie theater seats with cup holders and everything. The view of the lecturer at the front of the room is exceptional because of the tiered seating you are looking slightly down at the lecturer (you can see the cards on the table).

I sent you an email on how to get in touch with Marc.


Postby Guest » 01/17/03 08:23 PM

I'm signed up for the Philly lecture at Marc's house, and definitely looking forward to meeting you and seeing your lecture.

I also assume you'll be selling your DVD at the lecture...count me in as well; OMG, does this kindle another book v. video debate?


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