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Postby magicam » 08/27/04 02:36 AM

Well the Magic History and Anecdotes section has been semi- comatose (IMHO) over the past month or so. So I'll jump in and mention a pet peeve: people who refer to Jean Robert-Houdin's last name as "Houdin," as if his first name was Robert.

Within the past year, a significant magic history book committed this gaffe and kept referring to Robert-Houdin as "Houdin."

Are we so ignorant about magic history that we can't properly refer to one of magic's greatest icons by his proper name?

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Postby Edwin Corrie » 08/27/04 08:39 AM

I've noticed this too, even in books by otherwise well-informed authors who should know better. One book even referred to him as "Robert" as if it were his first name.
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Postby Kevin Connolly » 08/27/04 09:20 AM

Why use his proper name? They/He wasn't using it back in the 1850's.

As I remember, Houdin was his wife's family name. I guess her name carried more weight, so he didn't even use his proper name. I maybe wrong. I'll stick to Erich Weiss and let you guys ponder this one. ;)

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Postby Guest » 08/27/04 10:15 AM

I say we refer to him as Bob.
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