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Postby Robert Kane » 09/01/02 11:46 PM

I have read and heard a few references to Jay Ose recently that have stimulated my interest in this Magic Castle legend.

I enjoy the Jay Ose references in Lorayne's Close Up Card Magic, but are there other references (anecdotal & real work) available on Jay Ose?

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Postby Guest » 09/03/02 02:54 PM

I believe Jay Ose had some bit parts in movies and TV during the mid 1960's (including Mr. Ed). I am a huge fan of his false triple cut and use it quite a bit.

Postby Guest » 09/03/02 03:06 PM

yes, Ose had some small parts in movies...including the Flim-Flam man.

Postby Guest » 09/13/02 08:35 PM

Jay was also the bartender in and the consultant for the James Coburn movie Waterhole #3.

Leo Behnke talks about Jay in his booklet Find the Ace.

Milt Larsen told me that Jay had more than 15 endings for the three-card monte, and that he could always remember which ones he had done before for any particular person, and would always do something different the next time he performed. He had a phenomenal memory for people's faces and names.

Postby David Alexander » 09/22/02 05:41 PM

When I was a kid, before the Castle opened, I had a friend whose father knew Jay Ose well. I called Ose and asked him for a lesson. He invited me up to his apartment in the Castle. I took a long bus ride up from Long Beach.

Jay taught me the classic pass and several tricks with it. At the end of the lesson (I was there three hours) I asked him what he wanted for the time. He asked me what I had with me. I had two five dollar bills. He took one.

I practiced the move for weeks and later, when I worked the Castle when I was 19 (they thought I was 22) Ose seemed pleased that I could do what he taught me with some skill. I also learned that he had taught me part of his own material...wonderful stuff.

I still use what he taught me over 40 years later. He was a nice man and certainly generous to me.
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Postby Guest » 09/22/02 07:28 PM

That Jay Ose triple cut that Lorayne taught in Close Up Card Magic and referred to as the ____house cut had people wondering for years. Just what was that first word?? It was finally revealed in my book 'Packs A Wallop' as the WHORE house cut. I won't go into the long story as to why. He was a great friend of Paul Rosini and his performance of The Nine and Ten trick published in the April 64' issue of Genii was a classic of Card magic. It was also published in THE GEN in July of 60'. He had his own original version of 'Do As I Do' with one pack. For the curious, this was in the Jan. 1965 isue of Genii.
Ose would also show up on the 66' tv series BATMAN and would be a pedestrian that would say "There goes Batman!!" Another episode, he would be the guy that opens his window and say a few words to Batman as he walked up the building with his Bat-rope.
Interesting stuff!!WOW!!!

Postby Guest » 09/25/02 06:24 PM

Along with the triple cut, he also had an addition to the Apex ace that is brilliant. On Daryls three card monte dvd/video, Daryl teaches Mr. Ose's method of putting a bend in the corner of the card unbeknownst(?) to the magician. This leads into the famous bent corner ploy.

I too would love to learn more about the man and his magic


Postby Pete Biro » 09/28/02 09:03 PM

I particularly liked Ose's presentation of the "Bullet" card trick. His story telling was most believable... one of the great early performers that influenced me.
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Postby Guest » 09/30/02 12:41 AM

I understand that Ose learned the monte on the street during the days when he was wrestling with the bottle. Later, he weaned himself off the bottle and became an officer in the Salvation Army.

Somebody brought Ose to the Larsen brothers to show his stuff, and suggested that Ose act as the house magician in exchange for an apartment in the Castle, at which he would double as night watchman. In those days, there was lots of space there in the Castle, as it was largely undeveloped both financially and architecturally.

The Larsens were quite nervous to set a reformed alcoholic loose in the Castle night after night with an unlimited supply of booze, but they were finally convinced to take a chance.

Obviously, Ose did not disappoint anyone. He became an unforgettable fixture there at the Castle and never strayed from the straight and narrow.

Or so the story goes.

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