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Postby Guest » 08/30/03 06:04 PM

I felt the need to jot down a few thoughts & thought Id share them w/ ya.

So lets see

First there was Merlin; he was a successful magician.

A few thousand years later came Gutenberg and his press (a way to spread information for example: a little thing called The Bible became quite popular due to this info-source.)

Another few thousand years (or so) and there was Tarbell, Hillard, Erdnase, Anneman, Marlo (& many others.) The magi-information age was upon us. The ways of Merlin went aside & a new form of magic was becoming popular.

Now; David Blaine is a successful magician (heck, my mom even likes him What am I gonna do, argue with her?) Ya know; Ill bet Merlins peers thought he was doing it wrong too ;) Anyway, lets not get sidetracked:

Now, theres the Internet.
Vid demos (and tutorials) e-books, cd-roms, DVDs, pdfs, cheap magic, chat rooms, bulletin boards and more. Instant info-gratification is becoming popular.

And thats the way it is.
Ride the wave or try and change the weather.

*end ramble*

Disjointed Moral:
The state of magic is relevant only to those trapped within the community.
As long as people enjoy your offerings (and character) you will be a successful magician. Rarely is it the effect itself something Id assume Merlin and Blaine Knew / Know.

2nd Moral (also known as the moral of wishful thinking) As you try to become a successful magician Also try to be:
* Respectful (of the art and your peers)
* A good student
* Interesting
* Nice

With good intentions,
Doug Conn

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