ken brookes love of fred kaps

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Postby Guest » 10/02/04 02:08 PM

man did he ever love fred kaps and he hated the lou tannen company who stole his stuff....

Postby Jonathan Townsend » 10/02/04 02:38 PM

Originally posted by Scott Foreman:
man did he ever love Fred Kaps and he hated the ***** who stole his stuff....
Did you ever meet the guy?

I have no idea how close Mr. Brooke and Mr. Kaps were. I do have direct reports about Mr Brooke's attitude about the magic market.

He was deeply hurt by the less than honorable business practices of those who copy works.

I asked my father to stop in there back in 1976, and he came back with a Koornwinder Kar for me and a report of the man and his shop. Only good things to say about the place and Ken's intent in running the shop.

Ken's approach to magic everyone could do was special. And his ability to honor those who create that magic was special. Such is why the Nemo line of goods are what they are (were), and why others like Barry Stevenson and Finn John and Fred Kaps were providing him exclusive material. Add Scotty York and Fred Lowe to that list... and get a clue.

If you recall the Ken Brooke mailings... they were special. Not 50,000 items, but most of them were gems. When was the last time you saw a Silver Stick, a Tarmariz Rabbit card set, C. I. D. or Confabulation available? And look how many "derivitive works" there are of just the toy car trick. Also look how much of a secret the Nemo Card Control has become.

It may be that the dark age started when Ken Brooke and the shop in Wardour street went away.
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Postby Pete Biro » 10/02/04 03:45 PM

You NAILED it. I sure do miss "the Guv'nor" -- just today a mutual friend from England, mailed me a set of photos of Ken at home making his favorite Yorkshire Pudding. What a treat it was to have a meal with the man.
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Postby Q. Kumber » 10/02/04 03:50 PM

As far as I know Ken never had a problem with Lou Tannen. He did have a problem with the new owner after Lou Tannen retired.

I recall Ken once writing in Abra that he threw this person out of his studio one day telling him that he could steal from Ken when he couldn't afford to feed his children.

That's the polite version of what happened.
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Postby Guest » 10/02/04 05:43 PM

you mean mr spina.

Postby Guest » 10/02/04 05:50 PM

Ken was a very cool guy....had a smell to patchouli oil or something.....but very honest and very concerned about magic....I came 2nd in the young magician of the year in 1973 at the magic friend who was a student of his came second and then others we knew studied under him...

ken would always tell us to be real about the presentation, not fake it , to look like it was normal....not to make magician moves...look normal....

Postby Guest » 10/02/04 05:52 PM

i loved those ken brooke mailings....those type set diatribes that praised fred kaps or someone...they were great...ill look something up in a minute and repeat it for you...a saturday night treat...

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