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Postby Robert Kane » 07/14/02 02:42 PM

Question to Max Maven, Richard Kaufman & Jon Racherbaumer:

In Max's neat article on Dai Vernon in the Dec. 2001 issue of Genii, he describes how Walter Gibson introduced him to Vernon in 1974 at a Boston convention.

For whatever reason I was piqued by the mention of Gibson and the unique way he introduced Max to Vernon (i.e. "meet the kid with the best Endless Chain routine").

Just the fact that Gibson was around, accessible and the perfect "in the know" guy to give such an introduction seems very cool in and of itself.

Gibson must have been a fascinating past character in magic, certainly because of his creation of The Shadow and for all of his wonderful books on magic performance and history.

Gibson seems a little like J.N. Hilliard in that he was a constant figure in the world of magic as well as someone who beautifully chronicled information on the great performers of the time.

Having said all that, I was wondering if any consideration has been given to creating a new & in-depth "Genii-style" bio/feature article on Gibson for an upcoming issue?

You know, something with plenty of pictures featuring the memoirs of those who knew him best, a few of his signature routines (his multiplying balls from Elliott's Classic Secrets of Magic is a killer) as well as a detailed article on the real Gibson would be superb.

I would love to learn more about him from those who knew him, especially considering his significant contribution to magic.

Just a thought I guess...

Thanks for considering the suggestion.

Regards, Robert Kane
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Postby John Smetana » 07/15/02 07:22 PM

I agree that a substantial article on Walter Gibson would be a winner. I had the privilege of meeting Mr. Gibson and getting to know him, at least a little, a number of years ago. He was a walking encyclopedia of magical matters, but what I found fascinating was his ability to talk about almost anything with what appeared to be authority and knowledge.
I was able to find a few things about his life etc. by doing a web search but a well researched article would be a great idea.
What say you Richard?

Best thoughts,
John Smetana
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Postby Bob Farmer » 07/31/02 11:23 AM

All Gibson fans should have a copy of MAN OF MAGIC AND MYSTERY: A GUIDE TO THE WORK OF WALTER B. GIBSON by J. Randolph Cox (Scarecrow Press 1988 ISBN 0-8108-2192-3.

This is a 382-page hardback that references everything Gibson wrote about anything. It's amazing.

There is also an excellent article on Gibson in the Steranko History of the Comics.
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Postby John Smetana » 08/19/02 03:38 PM

Many thanks to Bob Farmer for the info on the Cox book about Walter Gibson's work.It's on my list of "must gets"

Best thoughts,
John Smetana :cool:
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