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Postby Guest » 06/02/03 10:52 PM

Many years ago, when the world seemed much more innocent in retrospect, Jay Marshall and Dai Vernon played a game of chess - the stakes? If Vernon lost he had to let Marshall publish "The Vernon Poker Demonstration. The results of the match? Vernon's Poker Demonstration was published in the last issue of The New Phoenix in 1954.

Marshall did this again for higher stakes with John Gaughn for the rights to publish Gaughn's secret to the Hooker Rising Cards.

Does anyone on this board know if that article was published and if so where to find it?

I am currently using the diabolical method I saw on Scotty York's video with the glass dome covering the cards and it is awesome but I know very little about the Hooker cards, but everytime time I hear someone speak about them it is with a slightly hushed and reverant tone.

If anyone can lead me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Thank You.

Postby Michael Edwards » 06/03/03 04:12 AM

John Gaughan recreated the Hooker Rising Cards for the 3rd Los Angeles Conference on Magic History, November 4-6, 1993. You can find an account of that presentation -- written by Richard Kaufman -- in the January 1994 (Volume 3, Number 5) issue of Magic . The same issue contains Jim Steinmeyer's description of effect(s) history (which supplements the historic record in Greater Magic, The Sphinx, and The Pallbearer's Review) and details John's remarkable efforts to bring this wonderful mystery back to life. We are most fortunate that John was able to share this performance with the magic community. What he didn't share was the secret ;)
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Postby Matthew Field » 06/03/03 06:17 AM

Originally posted by Michael Edwards:
What he didn't share was the secret ;)
But examine the cover of that issue of the magazine, which featured a picture of the effect, very carefully.

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Postby Guest » 06/03/03 09:42 AM

Hey! Thank you very much for that response. It is exactly what I was looking for. Time to put on the deerstalker cap, break out the cocaine and call Dr. Watson for mad romp through the misty streets of Magicana.

I'll track down the issue and go from there.

The game's afoot!

Sincerely, Aron

Postby Michael Edwards » 06/03/03 10:14 AM

Remember, Aron, that Samuel Hooker's performances in that small theater located on the second floor of the converted carriage house behind his home at 82 Remsen Street in Brooklyn Heights, New York, were not of one effect but many. During the course of the evening, cards would rise and act out a story, dance, jump, float and curtsy. They would do it singly and in blocks and small packets. They would rise while encased in a glass jar or while suspended from ribbons. New packs would be opened and shuffled by spectators and still they would rise...any card called for or any number selected. Cards were signed, marked, reversed. Even borrowed decks were made to perform. It was one of the most astounding mysteries of the day...and it baffled the likes of Kellar, Houdini, Okito, LeRoy, Carter, and Jarrett. A full description of “Impossibilities and Miltiades III” as it was performed subsequent to 1918 was provided by John Mulholland in the April 1967 issue of The Pallbearer's Review. John Gaughan's recreation contained but thirty wonderful minutes of highlights from “Impossibilities.” Even so, the Hooker Rising Cards remain one of the most ingenious and intriguing effects in the history of conjuring. My understanding, however, is that the time and complexity of preparing this mystery makes it highly unlikely we will see it performed again in the near future.

This one, my dear Holmes, is far from elementary.
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Postby Pete Biro » 06/03/03 10:41 AM

One of the great disappointments of my magical life was having to "work that night" and MISSED John's presentation.

I have been to his shop and discussed with him the possibility of doing it again at our convention (the WMS) but he has declined, as it is just too much work.

Dr. Matsura apparently took copius notes (as he is so good at doing) during Gaughan's performance, but I have not had the chance to get with him.

Methinks it is time again to lunch with Sir Gaughan.... :cool:
Stay tooned.
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Postby Rennie » 06/04/03 06:52 AM

Went home last evening and dug deeply into my Magic magazines and found the January 1994 issue,
however I did not detect anything starnge on the cover showing John Gaughan standing next to the Hooker rising cards. Could you be more specific as I find the effect very fascinating.
Thanks, Rennie
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