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Postby Tom Klem » 02/02/06 06:22 AM

As archivist for S.A.M.'s Parent Assembly I have started to catalog their collection of materials. We have a book we call the "President's Book" which is actually a book called "About Magic & Necromancy" by Charles C. Moreau which is a collection of original programs and portraits relating to the art in New york City. It is dated 1894. In the 1920s Harry Houdini had magicians of the day sign the inside cover and presented it to his friend Bernard M.L.Ernst as a gift.

Charles Morreau created another book about Wall Street in 1893 with the same look and original materials relating to Wall Street in NYC.

I was wondering if any of you have encounter another of these books -About Magic & Necromancy by Charles C. Moreau?

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