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Postby Guest » 11/30/04 10:34 AM

I am trying to compile information about magicians on film for the; can anyone give me verifiable credits of magicians and their film/TV credits? Is there a source book on this topic already?


Postby Guest » 11/30/04 01:59 PM

There was a discussion here a little over a year ago on this topic. Check out ... 055#000001

for some info. Anyone thought of more since then? --Asrah

Postby Guest » 11/30/04 03:35 PM

Thanks, Asrah, for your speedy reply.

However, I was referring to actual magicians, like Paul Le Paul or Chester Morris, who were real magicians who are listed on the with their film credits. Is there anyone out there who can help me with working magicians who sidelined as film actors?

Postby Jim Maloney_dup1 » 11/30/04 04:27 PM

With roles of varying sizes (from cameos to leads):

Penn & Teller
David Copperfield
Ricky Jay
Fred Keating
Orson Welles
Billy McComb
Dean Dill
Tom Mullica
Harry Houdini
Harry Anderson

...and likely more that I can't remember right now.

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Postby Guest » 11/30/04 05:01 PM

Jason Randal is one that leaps to mind. I know he's in Pretty Woman, and I heard he was in other Richard Gere movies, although I don't know the others.

Postby Guest » 11/30/04 05:02 PM

ooh and I think Dai Vernon was in "Shade" hee hee

Postby Michael Edwards » 11/30/04 08:22 PM


Here are three sources you really should know about...

First, there is Erik Barnouw's The Magician and the Cinema, which -- for the past two decades -- has served as the basic text on the early days of magicians in the movies.

Second, there is the 15 pages of appendix in Bart Whaley's Who's Who in Magic titled "Motion Pictures -- A Filmography" which contains notes on some 100 movies containing magic and/or magicians.

Third, there's Bill McIlhaney's year-long, twelve-part series on "Magic in the Movies" that ran in MAGIC in 1996.

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Postby Anthony Brahams » 12/01/04 02:53 AM

"A Wedding" (Robert Altman, 1978) has a strolling magician in one scene. I think it is Bruce Cervon.
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Postby Andrew Martin Portala » 12/01/04 04:12 AM

John Calvert
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Postby Guest » 12/02/04 11:25 AM

Thanks, everyone, for your responses. I am grateful for this information.

Where can I get a copy of Who's Who in Magic?


Postby cataquet » 12/18/04 10:22 AM

I seem to remember David Roth doing a coin trick with a Jumbo finish at the beginning of some film. Early 80s? Can't remember the name.
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Postby Guest » 12/18/04 12:19 PM

I seem to remember that John Scarne (at least his hands) was in "The Sting", with Redford or Newman starring

Postby Todd Karr » 12/18/04 03:51 PM

Bill McIlhany is the expert on magicians in films. Try
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Postby Guest » 12/18/04 06:37 PM

In Waterhhole # 3 Jay Ose is in a scene with James Coburn. Ironically, it is Coburn who who is dealing. If I recall correctly the bit is three card monte -- at which Jay was one of the world's masters.

Jay also played in The Flim Flam Man as one of the rubes in the store -- the one who got shot.

12/18/04 5:36

Postby Guest » 12/18/04 10:13 PM

Originally posted by Bato:
can anyone give me verifiable credits of magicians and their film/TV credits?

If this can be of help: Martin Joyal - Oliver Stone's Seizure (1974).

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Postby Tom Smith » 12/20/04 11:04 PM

George Schindler was in a Woody Allen movie (Manhatten Stories?) as Chandu the Magician.

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Postby Stepanov » 01/29/05 10:48 PM

I do not know if this is still interesting.
1. Greatest Russian magician Arutiyn Akopyan (died week ago) played on movie "Tegeran 43".
2. Vladimir Danilin (FISM Grand Prix 91) played on movie "Step ober line".
Both movie are detectives. Great magicians was like real actors.
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