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Postby Guest » 12/31/06 10:18 PM

My friend Chuck Hanson brought me a stack of "Abras" from the early and mid 70s. I have been browsing them and enjoying a trip down Memory Lane. The old adds are fun.
Jack Hughes was introducing a new product called Fifi. This was the same effect as a card duck but Fifi was an ostrich standing about 16 and a half inches tall. It must have been a good trick. Our own Pete Biro endorsed it. Fifi was described in the add as "A Perky Pasteboard Pecker"
I laughed out loud when I imagined this prop with little wheels and a string like a child's pull toy. On the other end of the string a magician, deck of cards in hand, approaching a group of strangers on a street corner. The Street magician is saying, " Want to see me find a card with my pecker?"
Happy New Year all!
Bob B.

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