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Postby Guest » 10/02/04 05:41 PM

he had a problem with all us magic dealers who stole his stuff. He claimed that Tannens took some things...but whatever...he was a quality guy...I bought the linking rings...very high quality....ken was a character...I miss him...

there was nothing like going into his shop on Saturday morning and seeing some tricks....

the rising card trick...fred kaps dancing chrome stick....the three card trick with four cards...

Postby Frank Yuen » 10/02/04 07:50 PM

Hi Scott,

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Postby Guest » 10/03/04 12:02 PM

ok here's the ken brooke instructions I promised last night but couldnt find.

it comes from the cups and balls instructions....
"Gentlemen...For over 35 years i have studied Cup and Ball magic. The classic effect using three cups and several balls is one of the most difficult tricks in magic to perform correctly. It was a trick I have performed thousands of times. I have written about it, had it filmed, performed several times on television in all parts of the world.........

i thank you for making this purchase. if you are not sure about any point, feel free to write and ask. Call if at all possible, and I will gladly, without charge, take you through the working.

That sums it up....

This man was an original, a dedicated, honest, solid, unique character .....the kind of guy you meet and know you better stay close to him cause
this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have such a wonderful experience.

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