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After submerging myself in the vast ocean of Theodore Anneman's cunning intellect, I have developed an intense curiosity about this amazing man's life - and unfortunate death.

I have read all the Jinx files and I own,and am half-way through, Max Abram's "The Life and Times of a Legend" but I still feel like there could be more.

Does anyone know where I could find out more about this fascinating person? I think a biography of him, in the right hands, would be a most interesting read.

If anyone can steer me in the right direction on this wide and mysterious sea it would be greatly appreciated.


Aron Devin

Postby Guest » 06/03/03 09:37 PM

You might find an earlier, "Book or the Month-Practical Mental Effects", thread, in this Forum of interest. William Gresham wrote a short chapter on Annemann, in his "Monster Midway" book.
(Abrams may quote that as a source.) The SPHINX and LINKING RING have some material as well. He was supposed to have had a daughter by a interesting if she could recall what she knows or was told by her family. Like Gresham, some regard him as a genius, while others would regard him as someone who didn't take responsibility for himself, or his family. Although Gresham's final years were perhaps more stable, the irony is both committed suicide,(for different reasons).

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I'm fascinated by the guy's story, too. From all accounts the man lived a life straight out of a Bukowski story. Why not? Genius and responsibility hardly ever go hand in hand.

There's a short but great biography by Jay Marshall in an old issue of the New Phoenix (I'm away from home right now & can't check the exact date) that spilled a lot of the dirt sidestepped by other biographers while at the same time being highly respectful of A. and his talents. I like the article a lot because it tends to focus on Annemann as a person and not just on his accomplishments or lack thereof.

There's also a near-crazed hatchet piece about Annemann to be found in the "Git Dayn Truth About Magic", a newsletter circulated by Burling Hull and now published in collected form by Magic Inc. From reading the Jinx you know how Annemann went round and round with Hull; believe me the invective spewed both ways. Hull pretty much claims to have been the brains behind most of our boy's output, his view expressed with ALL CAPITALS AND MANY EXCLAMATION POINTS!!! in true psycho-head fashion. Even though his version of the Annemann story is clearly crap through and through, it still makes for very interesting reading.

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Something worth reading , atleast I found it interesting, was letters Anneman wrote to Al Baker that are in the recent Al Baker book.<a wonderful book btw>The letters are just the ones sent to Baker and not both sides but I found it very entertaining.

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There's also a serialized biography of Annemann by Leslie May in "The New Jinx" which is published by Kaufman & Greenberg. It doesn't shed any new light, but is a concise and overview of his life.

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