Clinton/Elbert /"Vester" Adams?

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Postby Jim Maloney_dup1 » 06/02/05 06:44 AM

Does anyone know anything about the guy Vernon referred to as "Vester" Adams?

He was apparently fairly well known among magicians around the early 1900's for his proficiency with vesting (hence Vernon's moniker). One of his more popular effects was to vanish a glass of beer and then ask his audience to search him. They'd find nothing, and then he'd reproduce the glass from under a handkerchief.

I've come across a few other references to him -- one in The Art of Magic, where he is called "Elbert Adams", and another in Germian the Wizard, where he is referred to as "Clinton Adams". Both sources credit him with a Ring on Stick which I believe to be Leipzig's.

Aside from this, I know that he was a travelling salesman for the Garlock Packing Co. and had at least one item appear in The Sphinx (something to do with a rubberband and a handkerchief -- I have no idea what issue). I believe he died sometime in the mid-late 1910's.

Does anyone have any more information on this guy? Perhaps confirmation of his actual name, or where he's from and what happened to him?


PS -- If he had any nieces/nephews, did they refer to him as Uncle Vester?
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