Houdini in Harlem question

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Postby Guest » 09/04/04 04:09 PM

Does anyone know the exact address of Harry Houdini's home in Harlem, New York? I have seen in biographies that he bought a brownstone in the "German part of Harlem", but I can't find which street or building.

Any help?


Postby Lisa Cousins » 09/04/04 05:22 PM

278 W. 113th St.
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Postby Guest » 09/04/04 05:26 PM

Ms. Cousins beat me to the punch, but just to show you how far the mighty have fallen-

Angel's Pet & Plant Sitting
278 West 113th Street, New York, NY 10026

Postby Guest » 09/04/04 07:06 PM

The building still there, now divided into apartments. A sign has been placed outside, noting this was Houdini's house. Heard a few years ago, the area had falled to urban decay, but a friend who visited there a few months ago,(during the day) said the neighborhood had improved..perhaps thanks to Mayor Rudy.

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