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Postby Guest » 02/16/02 02:26 PM

I am looking up information on Samuel C hooker. All I know about him is he was born in 1864 and died in 1935. the only written think I have found on him was in Greater Magic by Hillard. Does anyone know were I can find out more about him??

Postby Guest » 02/28/02 03:34 PM

Welcome magic_man42:

As found in The Encyclopedia of Magic and Magicians (T.A. Waters, 1988, Facts on File)States:

HOOKER, SAMUEL C., DR. (1864-1935)

Noted scientist and amateur magician, best known for his legendary rising cards, a description of which is found in Hilliard's "Greater Magic"; a more detailed account of the routine is given by John Mulholland in "Pallbearer's Review" Magazine (Vol.2, No. 6).

The few demonstrations of the routine took place only at Dr. Hooker's residence over fifty years ago; the apparatus used still exists.

Also, check out MAGIC (Jan '94) whith John Gaughan on the cover featuring the miraculous Dr. Hooker's Rising Cards.

Hope this Helps!

Postby Guest » 02/28/02 06:25 PM

Thanks alot.
I have the Pallbearer now and I first saw it in the Greater Magic book. I have a copy of Magic 94 coming sometime soon. But as I have been looking that is about all I have found so far. I did hear about John Gaughn who profromed part of the effect in 1993 I think at a history convention. I hope to find out more about this because I think it would be a real loss to magic if it is lost forever.
I was also told that only four people really know how it was done. I hope to be #5.
thanks again for replying back have a great day.

Postby Curtis Kam » 02/28/02 06:59 PM

Magic Man--

Did you notice that the Pallbearer's Review with the description of Hooker's Rising Cards is the April issue? For years I suspected that it was just an April Fool's gag!

Boy, was my face red when it turned out to be the real thing. (But I never was so happy to be wrong.)
Curtis Kam
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Postby Guest » 03/01/02 06:47 PM

No I did not notice the Apirl fool thing until you just told me. It is a very wonderful think to know that it is reality instead of fiction.
thanks for your input Curtis,
talk to you again soon.

Postby RickBelford » 03/09/02 10:19 AM

In the June 1949 issue of "The Conjuror's Magazine", John J. McManus ran a full-page ad offering a $10,000 challenge to John Mulholland to perform the Hooker Rising Card Trick in the presence of John McManus on a fully lighted stage. Whatever became of this challenge (if John Mulholland performed the trick and it failed the apparatus was to go to John McManus -- if he didn't accept the challenge, John McManus was to assume that the trick "cannot be done and is an exaggeratged myth"?
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Postby Guest » 03/09/02 02:41 PM

John Mulholland was annoyed by the whole thing but did not reply to the offer. That is from Magic magazine 1994 Jan. I am still looking for refferences to the effect. Does anyone know what issue it was talked about in the Shinx?

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