What happened to Milo???

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Postby Guest » 02/04/02 03:09 AM

Hi, I was a long time friend of Milo and Roger Coker...The last time I saw them was in Zurich Switzerland when they where touring with Andre'Heller's Wintergarden show..
Roger has passed away I know this...And i know they where both living in Phuket thailand..Does anyone out there have an Address or phone number for Milo...Is he still living??..I will be in Phuket in March of this year...it would be great to see him again...Please help if you know... :confused: :confused: :confused:

Postby sleightly » 02/04/02 05:32 AM

Sorry to say that Milo (Arthur Brandon) passed away on November 5, 1998 in Pattaya, Thailand. Sadly, this was shortly before the release of his autobiography, "Milo & Roger: A Magical Life," was released by Hermetic Press. A wonderful read, it presents the very human side behind the comic team.

My only opportunity to see Milo & Roger was one of their television appearances. Not having the chance to see them perform live is one of my magical regrets, but they live on in Brandon's warm tale of one of magic's truly original characters.

One of my favorite books on magic (or the theatre). Highly recommended.


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Postby Guest » 02/04/02 06:12 PM

Thank you,...For your reply...I'll never forget them both...I'll always remember them coming to see me perform at the Atlantico Hotel in Portugal many years ago...And the kind words that had for me and my show...I never liked Grand illusion magic, Until I saw them perform it...Magic has lost two more greats...

Postby Jim Riser » 02/13/02 12:35 AM

Unfortunately, I only saw them perform once in the late 1960's - before their act had completely evolved into the full masterpiece of comedy-magic. Are there any videos of their full act available?
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Postby Guest » 02/13/02 06:25 PM

Hi Jim, The only video I have ever seen was one that was on record at the Museum of Radio and TV in New York...I was just sitting and remembering the last time I saw them ...We went to dinner and as we were looking at the lavish display of food in front of us ...Milo turn to me and said "It kind of makes you wonder what the people in India are eating,at the Hilton"...I have to get a copy of their book... :)

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