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Its not often that a book, aimed at laymen, can be classed as a classic text for magic in general. Its even rarer when that book is a history, and not a secrets manual.
John Fishers new book Tommy Cooper: Always Leave Them Laughing: The Definitive Biography of a Comedy Legend is such a book.
This work takes the reader beyond the fez wearing buffoon that we have come to love, and shows us the man beneath.
But no mere kiss and tell, warts and all story this, no, no. This is a work, written with love, and documents the wonderfull characters around during Tommy Coopers magical life. Tales told first hand about events in legendary places like Harry Stanleys, Inzani Henleys, and Davenports jump off the page and come to life.
So do names like Slydini, Johnnie Paul,pat page, Bobby Bernard, The late Val Andrews, and a host of legendary figures from around the world.
This book is a must for any magical buff. ... F8&s=books

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