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Postby Pepka » 07/31/04 06:35 PM

I was in Baltimore for a comic book show today. The guest of honor was Steranko.
In the past,there has been much controversy on the forum regarding a certain work of his being pilfered by another magician. I won't bring it up here, (but we did discuss it today.) Many guys were there to have him sign a copy of his Nick Fury comic, or one of his beautiful prints. I brought my well-worn copy of Steranko on cards, and a photo taken of him with Lennart Green. I had met him briefly about 5 years ago, when I had just begun to study his work. He was extremely gracious and shared a few stories with me about his days in magic, including his first meetings with Vernon and Green.
He also told me he occasionally gets an email from RK saying that he wants to do another Steranko issue; (which I think is a damn fine idea considering he told me he still has many ideas regarding magic.)
Anyone else have stories about meeting an "underground" legend?
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 07/31/04 08:44 PM

Hey Pepka, I wish I had known! Would've made the drive from DC.
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Postby Richard Lane » 07/31/04 09:26 PM

Here's a future appearance in Syracuse.

If you've seen the Shadow trading card set or the Pyramid/HBJ Jove book covers, Mr. Steranko has been known to bring a number of the original full size pieces to the cons.

For weeks you'll cry yourself to sleep wishing you could have brought one home.
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Postby Pepka » 08/01/04 06:13 AM

Check your email Rk.
Richard I definately took a few pieces home. Including a rare poster of him and author Michael Chabon for a joint appearnace they made on the west coast. It's gorgeous.
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Postby Jacky Kahan » 08/01/04 08:39 AM

Some People Are lucky! ;)
Great 4 U Pepka!

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