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Postby Guest » 07/19/07 04:55 PM

Does anyone have any info on a west coast magician named Phil Herzog? For some reason the name sounds familiar.


Postby Guest » 07/19/07 08:35 PM

Phil was a professional "gambler". He was sometimes referred to in Tonio Giorgio's columns as "Phil H."
He was an avid magic book collector. Alas, he passed away last year. I understand that a Los Angeles book store purchased his collection...

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A few years ago, I purchased from Mr Herzog, (thanks to the very wonderful Jim Patton), an original complete file of CARDISTE. Phil H sounded a colourful character, with whom I would have dearly loved to have sat down with and listened to all night.

It transpires that this file almost certainly belonged to Larry Jennings - complete with Larry's written notations. Within, I have a unique version of Future Gambler (Vol #13, pg 29).

It is treasured.



Postby Jim Patton » 07/20/07 01:48 PM

R.I.P., old friend...Phil was truly one of a kind and a real stand-up guy!
I have a notebook filled with his reminiscences, remonstrations and advice....He knew most of the major players of the hustling sub-culture on the west coast and was himself a card player who, though skilled in advantage play, preferred to "play on the belly" (and more often than not got the money...) His stories about these worthy gentlemen could fill a volume.... He was equally as skilled with dice and I never saw his "blanket roll" miss..He usually demonstrated this on a newspaper.
An Australian friend of mine once interviewed Phil via landline. This was done with an eye toward eventually publishing a book of experiences from real world hustlers....It may still be in the works.....
One of the last of the buffalos....and I miss him a lot.......

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