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Postby Steve Bryant » 02/13/03 10:06 AM

In the March Genii, Roberto Giobbi presents a practical and quite versatile method for keeping a list of your current performing repertoire at hand. As I've become older, and both my repertoire has grown as my memory has faded, I've found such tools to be of great value. Especially if someone keeps insisting "one more trick" and you are trying to think of it, or you've just finished performing for some drop dead beauty, and later you think, "Damn! Why didn't I do ___; it's my best trick."

Myself, I've done such things as write my list of favorites inside the flap of a card box. But I go through too many boxes, so I now keep a more extensive list inside my check book. It's there if I need it.

Michael Ammar, in one of his videos, posed the idea of learning card tricks in little sets of 3 or so, which is also easier on the memory.

What of the rest of you? Any cool ideas for keeping your repertoire at your finger tips? I've yet to invest in a Palm Pilot.
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Postby Pete Biro » 02/13/03 11:17 AM

Peter Kane "memorizes" the trick each card represents. He cuts the deck in use, glimpses and card and he does the trick associated with that card.

Me? I only know about eight tricks so I can usually remember almost half of them.

Repertoire (In no particular order):
Big Deal
Triumph or Slop Shuffle :D
Ambitious card
Card to pocket/wallet (if I bring one)
Bullet :cool:
Poker Deal (Frank Shields' version)
Twisting the Aces ;)
MacDonald Aces

Any more than this and you have overstayed your welcome!
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Postby Bill Duncan » 02/14/03 12:13 AM

Mike Skinner used to suggest associating a trick with each card in the pack. Was it an idea he got from Kane or vice versa?

I'm aware of the other effects but what's "Big Deal"?
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Postby MaxNY » 02/14/03 05:58 AM

Steve, I don't do many card FX, but figured out years ago that when I get hired to walk around, I better know what trick is in what pocket. I also stick with the same dozen tricks, but rely on six or seven, and they all have a usual pocket location. The objects that need a smart hand behind them rest in my right pockets (being right-handed). I'm usually tilted to the right! This also includes buisness cards...if they ask me for a card, a quick singular playing card comes out from a clip...then the buisness card comes from upper breast pocket. This all may help prevent the eye-contact break, as you ponder your checkbook.
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Postby Pete Biro » 02/14/03 10:38 AM

Don Alan's Big Deal.

You bring out a Jumbo card and using it (back up) as a tray, you one=handed, deal cards onto it, and then drop each card to the table... asking the spectator to say "stop" to select a card.

When you stop, you have a single card on the "tray" and when you turn both face up, simultaneously, they match.

Then, a second Jumbo card is tossed the table, and the spectator cuts the deck to select a card.

You say, "This is card no. two, so... divide the card you took by two."

(It is a 7 of Clubs, and the Jumbo, when turned over is the wonderful, under-rated, 3 1/2 of Clubs.) :D
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