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Postby Guest » 03/18/03 03:45 PM

In the late 40's I saw an illusionist by the name of Warren Graham (not positive about the spelling). And, I believe, he had a young teenage assistant by the name of Stan Kramian who did the topsy turvy bottles, the head chopper (Lakes) and the bird cage vanish. Stan did his act in one as a break in Graham's larger show. Any information concerning who Warren Graham was, history, home, etc. would be appreciated.

Postby Guest » 03/25/03 07:43 PM

I should be able to tell you anything you want to know about Warren Gram since I was that young asssitant on the show,,I am StanKramien,,and as many of you know I went on to take out my own very large illusion show for many many yeares up untill my car accident of April 30 2000. What do you 3want to know

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