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Postby Guest » 05/06/07 05:05 AM

I am still researching Kalanag to add to the lectures I've given on him.
Please, does anyone know
1. If Jac Olten is still alive?
2. Was the story of Kalanag saving him from the
Nazis true?
3. If so did Kalanag produce real or false
documents at his Denazification hearing?
Have not yet found any real record of this
My close friend the late Val Andrews did mention it in his book on Kalanag and Val had received several sound tapes from Punx. I presume this is where the story came from. Unfortunately since Val's death I have been unable to discover where his papers/records etc went. They did include a TV play he'd written on Kalanag & a valuable document on Dante.
Richard Hatch gives some information in Stan Allen's Magic Magazine in 1998 but???
Allen Tipton UK

Postby Guest » 07/18/07 01:17 PM

Regarding your point 2.:
In Hannes Hller's EUROPEAN JEWISH MAGICIANS 1933 - 1945, Dsseldorf 1999,pp. 50 -51, Alfred Mihiel - Jac Olten is mentioned.
I quote: "... At the start of the war he is imprisoend in a Prisoner Of War Camp 'Stalag 13', from where he is released, by Helmut Schreiber, on November 13, 1940. Schreiber clothes him anew and obtains him apparatus and engagements...".
I think, as the exact dates are given, the story seems to be true.

Postby Guest » 07/23/07 09:26 AM

There is no way to verify this; however, when Punx was staying with me, he told me that his brother had destroyed a great deal of Hemut Schreiber's documents, so he was able to get his "Persilschein." According to Punx, Schreiber paid his brother a large amount of money to do this.

Postby Guest » 07/23/07 10:47 AM

Allen, I have seen the document from Jac Olten testifying to Schreiber's assistance to get him out of an enemy alien camp in Munich and have no doubt that it is true. It is my belief that Olten was in the camp (which was not a concentration camp) because he was French, not because he was Jewish (I don't believe he was Jewish). For recent comment on this, see the following Genii forum link:
Genii Link with Kalanag and Olten reference

If you find out anything further regarding Olten, I would be most interested to learn of it.

Postby Radicchio » 03/25/12 07:28 PM

I started a new thread about Jac Olten, who was my grandfather:

http://www.geniimagazine.com/forums/ubb ... Post263614

Please PM me for more info.
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Postby Richard Hatch » 03/25/12 08:12 PM

Just to clarify the sources of some of the "anonymous" messages above (which resulted from a reboot of the Genii Forum in which much source information was lost): Obviously Allen Tipton started this thread. I'm not sure who the first respondent was, but the second was almost certainly my friend Bill Palmer and I was the third respondent.
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Postby Radicchio » 03/25/12 10:08 PM

Thanks, Richard!
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