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Postby Guest » 09/12/06 11:43 AM

Can someone tell me what happened to the thread on placing hands into molten metal? It appears to have been removed without any notice that no new postings will be accepted or that the thread will be removed. Is this the normal procedure employed for the Forum? I am a member of several listservs, and I have not seen this procedure employed before. As I mentioned, I am a new member and do not know the procedures that are employed for this Forum.

I am a researcher in the history of science, and I was certainly NOT recommending or suggesting that anyone place their hands in molten lead. Houdin and Houdini described this procedure in their books, and I was only trying to find out if they, or any other magicians had ever performed this before. That's why I was asking for references on the history of magic.

I apologize if I posted an inappropriate topic, and I can certainly agree with any decision that a Forum moderator makes. It's just nice to have some advance notice.

Again, thanks to all for responding to my post.


Postby Richard Kaufman » 09/12/06 12:08 PM

I gave advance notice yesterday when I locked it.
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