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Postby Guest » 05/09/02 01:44 PM

Intrigued by classic illusions, and possible new ways in performing them, I wonder if anyone can please recommend any texts covering the history of the ball & vase and its variations? Some of the Professor Hoffmann books have been interesting, but I'm sure that there must be a lot more.

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Graham Nichols

Postby Jim Riser » 05/09/02 04:27 PM

The three volume set of the Stanyon Magic Magazines has several variations of ball vases. One idea would not work, though. Apparently this was designed by someone who has no idea of how such an item would be constructed. There is lots of good historical stuff in this collection.

Perhaps the best source for variations of the ball vase is Owen Magic Supreme's "Keep The Wheels Turning" vol. 2. This illustrates several types made by Carl Owen over the years.

"Cousin Harry" has an excellent Pill Box routine in the "Feints And Temps of Harry Riser"; but this is not merely a ball vase. Pill Boxes are much more elaborate. I have a few examples of Pill Boxes on my web site, as well as, a few variations of the ball vase.

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Postby George Olson » 05/09/02 04:56 PM


I sent a private query to you relative to the Morrissey Boxes you show on your Web site. I'm really interested in one and the "Mini" cups.

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Postby Guest » 05/10/02 01:04 AM

Hi Jim,

Many thanks for your reply. I didn't think to ask you before, which is kind or ironic as you're busy making me a set right now! I'll start haunting the book shops again and pay close attention to the works you reference.

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