Where are the Downs Scapbooks

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Postby Guest » 04/08/07 09:14 AM

Does any know where are the Downs scrapbooks and what they contain? I first saw them mentioned in a letter from a Florida collector to the Marshall County Hisotrical Museum written in the later 1980s. I see that a Magic Collectors' Association issue had the scrap books as the major topic.

So, in summary, I'm looking for this:

1. Speaking of the MCA issue, I would like to buy copy or get a photcopy of the issue mentioning the Downs scrapbooks (Issue #30)

2. Where are the scrapbooks?

3. What do the scapbooks contain?


Postby Guest » 04/08/07 12:16 PM

According to the 4 page article by C. R. ("Bud") Tracy, who made the scrapbook, at that time (1974) it consisted of 45 acetate 8.5 x 11 inch sheet protectors, for a total of 90 pages. Mr. Tracy continues the article with a detailed description of the contents which included photos, letterheads, businesscards, programs, correspondence, 6 inches of a Pathe News reel film of Downs (the original 300 feet had disintegrated), membership cards, newspaper clippings, telegrams, tokens etc. An few pages and items from the scrapbook are shown. The scrapbook was assembled by Tracy (not Downs) for display at a magic convention. Tracy was a very good friend of Downs, probably his best friend in has latter years, and inherited much of Downs' memorabilia, as I understand it. I have heard that Tracy's Downs collection was willed to the Magic Castle, but don't know if that is true or what the current status might be.

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