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Postby Guest » 03/19/07 09:19 AM

I was looking to find a book with the biography of The Amazing Kreskin.
On, I found two title:

The Amazing Kreskin - Mental Marvels, Feats and Stunts (2005)
How to Be a Fake Kreskin: The Amazing Kreskin (How to Be a Fake Kreskin)

Which one is the best choice?
Or there are others titles available?

Many thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Postby Guest » 03/19/07 09:48 AM

There isn't, to the best of my knowledge, a "True" biography of Kreskin. There is a story that Kreskin tells, which we are to understand is not completely true but is told to further the myth of Kreskin. Think of it as a "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind" of mentalists.


Postby Guest » 03/19/07 09:54 AM

You might look for Kreskin's first book, THE AMAZING WORLD OF KRESKIN, published by Random House in 1973.

it's the most biographical of his books.

- entity

Postby Steve Bryant » 03/19/07 10:01 AM

Kreskin was kind enough to grant me an interview back in the mid-90s for The Little Egypt Gazette. Alas, in those days I paraphrased answers rather than using direct quotes, so it doesn't read as well as I would like (RK convinced me to start taping!), but you may find the answers interesting nonetheless. Check it out at

If you search elsewhere in that issue, you will also find my review of Kreskin's show. A fun evening.
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Postby Guest » 03/31/07 09:17 PM

entity is right.. "The Amazing World of Kreskin", published in the early seventies is the closest thing you will get to a biography. Kreskin is a very private man; secret and self-contained and solitary as an oyster! Perhaps some day a talented biographer will take on Kreskin's real story and, naturally, I will be waiting with bated breath for that day to arrive! :)

Postby Kevin Connolly » 03/31/07 09:56 PM

I'm sitting here on the computer and listening to the TV in the other room. There was a commercial on TV selling a Kreskin book on a few minutes ago. You may want to look into that, but it seems to be pitching mental powers.
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Postby Dustin Stinett » 03/31/07 10:51 PM

I just saw this groaner. For a mere $19.99 you can have wealth and love and even win at poker! (That's just one of the "bonus" CDs.)

Check it out:
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Postby Guest » 04/01/07 12:39 AM

1927 Mel-Roy (On stage) "See me in the lobby after our show, and you can buy my Astrological guide to your happiness and success, for only 50 cents...."

1937 Rose Dawn (On radio) "You can be one of the many people who have followed the path of success and happiness, by sending one dollar for my MIRACLE BOOK, to me in Del Rio....."

2007 Kreskin (On the Web) "Acheive Success, Happiness, Fulfillment! Order this book, (and bonus CD!) NOW...."

Kreskin is the man!

Postby Guest » 04/01/07 06:10 AM

Someone taking magic-trick ad-copy too seriously...

"you could start a religion"

Postby Guest » 04/01/07 07:13 AM

It's a shame that such a talented man chose to go this route...

Postby Harry Lorayne » 04/01/07 10:25 AM

So, a few people have called to bring this to my attention, and to ask my thoughts on his "memory" thing. I'd rather not go into it here, but if you're interested, this is not a new thing. Tell you what - go to the bottom of page 1391, in my Ellipses... column of the August 1987 issue of APOCALYPSE - that's in Volume 2 of the bound volumes. That's about twenty years ago, and almost started a law suit. Who needs law suits? Best - HARRY LORAYNE.
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Postby Guest » 04/01/07 11:05 AM

I see that my topic start to get a different way in which I do not want to get in

I thank you in advance for the above recommendation about the book;
The Amazing World Of Kreskin, published by Random House in 1973
And also for the link The Little Egypt Gazette very interested article.

Many Thanks! :)

Postby Guest » 04/01/07 11:09 AM

Apart from "13 Steps", the above-mentioned Kreskin book is my favourite mentalism-related book of all time! :)

Postby Guest » 04/02/07 09:29 PM

Paul (Barefoot Boy): I hope your forthcoming book will include a chapter on Kreskin. Unless, of course, you plan to write a whole book on him someday.

Postby Guest » 04/02/07 09:48 PM

Lol Spellbinder! :) That would be an awesome idea but I could never do Kreskin justice!! I would want the book to be absolutely perfect and alas, I am far too lazy to accomplish the task!

I DO know I'd be the first in line to obtain such a Tome!!!

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