Is this story true?

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Postby Guest » 12/02/06 11:09 AM

I have it on pretty good authority, but I still find it incredulous. The professor was supposed to have driven non-stop from LA to NY. No sleep, no resting - just non stop driving. Anyone know the story?

Postby Guest » 12/02/06 11:30 AM

Wow. I never heard this before, so no idea. It does strike me as a little much, however, like the time he supposedly slept three days straight.

Postby Guest » 12/02/06 12:08 PM

I have personally witnessed the professor's hibernation for days at a time. The most amazing story of him sleeping for the better part of a week was recently busted when my brother admitted to slipping the prof a sip of water or a crust of bread during the "sleep."

I know for a fact that when Dai was at odds with the world, he never took a drink, used any dope - He just went to bed and stayed there until he felt the world was OK again. He did this his entire life. He was also not a diurnal creature but a completely nocturnal one. If you look at the the time stamps on my posts you will see that I inherited that quality.

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