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Postby Guest » 11/03/01 11:39 PM

Before the Paul Harris thread became about the Chicago opener, it was an interesting idea! Anyway, with your kind permission, I'd like to start a similar thread about Lorayne. It may be pointless to some, but interesting to others. (As opposed to my Michael Jackson thread which EVERYONE seemd to enjoy.) Anyway, we don't have to go for exactly TEN, but here goes...I'll put my answers right with the questions. What would you say Harry would say, are his best effects? (Magician Vs. Gambler, Cardsharp and the Four Gamblers, What A M-E-S, The Sting, HaLo Again) And what would you say are the best tricks he's published of others (Two Shuffles Harry, Earthly Powers) This gets difficult because sometimes, Harry changes a bit here and a bit there, then you don't know if its more his, or his contributor's item. Anyway, lastly, what are YOUR favorites, of his, or published by him? (In addition to the above, for me: Revelation, Lorayne's Poker Deal, Equalizer, so many more) I hope you all find this post to be as stimulating as you all seemed to find the Michael Jackson post. I am done with this Lorayne thing for a while. I'm beginning to feel like Paul Gordon. He writes like Harry, he pretends he is Harry most of the time...in my opinion.

Postby Andy Hurst » 11/04/01 12:04 AM

Personally I prefer Simon Aronsons "Shuffle Board" to Harry's 'Equalizer'.

Andy Hurst
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Postby Steve Hook » 11/04/01 03:12 AM


Your post intrigued me because I've had a couple of detailed discussions about Shuffle-Bored lately.

Why would you prefer to work from a stack vs. impromptu? You're in good company because, according to Joel Givens, Mr. Aronson prefers that, too. I prefer the shuffled-deck version myself.

Also, Mr. Aronson outlined the impromptu version in the section following the original instructions, but I didn't pay attention to it until Mr. Lorayne published his similar version as "The Equalizer".

But though it is almost a puzzle-trick to me, I put Shuffle-Bored in the top of the class along with the greatest card tricks. The principle is completely ingenious, yes?

And in spite of some very interesting presentations by some excellent magicians, I'm still looking for the perfect presentation. I'm currently going with the "shuffling control" theme.

It's such a powerful principle, it deserves the greatest, most mind-boggling effect. If you think of that effect, please let me know!
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Postby Joe M. Turner » 11/04/01 07:25 AM

From my experience, Mr. Paul Gordon has a habit of pretending to be a lot of people.

That aside, I don't think you can leave "Out of This Universe" out of a list of Lorayne's best stuff. Self-working and strong... I like it a lot.

Joe M. Turner
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Postby Philippe Noël » 11/04/01 10:19 AM

Dear John,
Concerning what Harry would say are his best effects:
- Out Of This Universe
- Magician vs. Gambler
- Card Shark & Four Gamblers
- Impromptu Linking Card
What do you think?
I know he is also very proud of some techniques such as:
- HaLo Cut
- Ultra Move
- Lorayne Force
- Status Quo Shuffle
- Push-through Change
- Spread Control
- Great Divide
Personaly I like Calculated Risk from Close-up Cardmagic, Any Ace Spell from Rim Shots to name some.
Philippe Noël
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Postby Larry Horayne » 11/20/01 05:18 PM

I have always felt Close-Up Card Magic is the MOST UNDERPRICED book in magic -- a million dollars of magic for just pennies.
Larry Horayne
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Postby Guest » 11/20/01 06:20 PM

One of my favorite books, too, Sandy. Interesting to note though, that for about HALF of it's price tag, you can get any of the following: Encyclopedia Of Card Tricks, Royal Road To Card Magic, Expert Card Technique, Erdnase, Card Magic Of LePaul!

Postby Larry Horayne » 11/20/01 06:50 PM

Yes, but when C-UCM was published in 1962, it sold for $10 -- Harry won't admit it, but I'll bet $10 Harry wishes he had put a $100 price tag on it, and THAT would have been cheap for the $$$ worth of COMMERCIAL magic it contains.
Larry Horayne
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 11/20/01 10:26 PM

John, it's really not fair at all to compare the prices of privately-published magic books to public domain titles published in big quantities by Dover books. The comparison is disingenuous.
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Postby Guest » 11/21/01 12:27 AM

Hey! I mentioned The Card Magic Of LePaul! And i was talking "bang for the buck", that's all. I'll still be buying the Jennings books when you put them out!

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