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Postby opie » 08/11/03 05:37 PM


I am so sorry for any concerns I may have caused you in the past.... You are surely a sincere magic enthusiast and protector....I refer to to the thread in "Announcements", where I was unable to post and contratulate you there for your obvious love and support for our young people in magic....

Hey, they make me feel so inadequate....It took me years to learn things that they just pick up like breathing.....

We have a responsibility, you know, to look after them and to groom them.....but mainly, to ensure that we, the adults, at conventions and other magic groups, groom and protect them....

Excellent post...I just wanted to bring it here so people could let you know how much such a post is appreciated.....

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Postby Dustin Stinett » 08/11/03 07:56 PM

Thank you for the kind words Opie. I do appreciate them.

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