Houdini Days Website Crosses 400,000 Hits!

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Postby Guest » 04/25/04 09:22 PM

The Houdini Days Magic Festival's website (www.houdinidays.com) has received over 400,000 unique hits with an average of over 3,000 hits per day. The worldwide interest in the Festival has been overwhelming.

We have had website visitors from 34 countries, including, in no particular order: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, France, Netherlands, Germany, Belguim, South Africa, Sweden, Malaysia, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, Lithuania, Japan, Finland, Denmark, Brazil, Mexico, Italy, India, Hong Kong, Estonia, Israel,
Dominican Republic, Austria, Hungary, Greece, Taiwan, Lebanon, Kazachstan, Czech Republic, and Croatia.

We have PAID registrations from Wisconsin, New York, Hawaii, Utah, Florida, Illinois, California, Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota and Puerto
Rico. All of this success and our marketing campaign hasn't even shifted into high gear!

The comments that I receive revolve around the incredible talent that will be performing at the Festival, the family-friendly activities
planned, and the fact that the outdoor performances are FREE!

Check out this line-up of talent that will be performing FREE on the Main Stage, Parlor Area, Children's Area, Escape Area, and Strolling: Jeff McBride, Michael Finney, Mark Wilson, Ice McDonald, Kevin King, Glen Gerard, Jessica Reed, The Reed Sisters, Rex Sikes, Jon Stetson, Tom Burgoon, Mark Bond, Michael Ammar, Bill Malone, Doc Eason, Joshua Jay, Robert Baxt, David "Silly Billy" Kaye, Rondini, Dean Gunnarson, The Comedy Magic of Mike & Chris, Nate Nygren, Bruce Hetzler, Lou Lepore, and Danny Magic.

For the "next generation of magicians" we will offer three FREE workshops taught by Michael Ammar, Mark Wilson, Ice McDonald, Jessica Reed, Nate Nygren, and Bruce Hetzler. What a tremendous opportunity for these future magicians to receive instruction from this caliber of teacher!

For the magic enthusiast, we have also scheduled 10 lectures, Jeff McBride's Secret Sessions, and the Rising Stars of Magic Competitions in both close-up and stage.

To make the Festival even more impressive, we have organized Magic's Greatest Hits featuring Jeff McBride - Magic in Concert. This two-hour show consists of performances by Jeff McBride, Michael Finney, Ice McDonald, Robert Baxt, and The Comedy Magic of Mike & Chris. The location of this show is the amazing 2,000 seat Fox Cities Performing Arts Center.

We have worked very hard to create the ULTIMATE MAGIC FESTIVAL! Our goal is to inspire the next generation of magician and to generate an
appreciation in the magical arts in the general public. With the talent and activities scheduled, I have no doubt that our goal will be achieved. The future of magic is burning white hot!!!!!

I look forward to seeing you (and 20,000 others) at The Houdini Days Magic Festival - September 2-5 in Appleton, Wisconsin!

Chris Cochrane
Houdini Days Organizer

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