Direct Triple Prediction by Harapan Ong

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Direct Triple Prediction by Harapan Ong

Postby Bob Cunningham » November 21st, 2016, 12:41 pm

I'm pretty excited about Harapan Ong's Direct Triple Prediction in this months "Magicana"! This is a practical improvement of the old trick based on the one ahead principle with cards (point to the 5 of Spades, now point to the 8 of Diamonds, etc).

This was one of the first card tricks I learned as a teenager. IMO this trick has two weaknesses: 1) the "one ahead" principle is known by more than a few layman and 2) the order of the cards must changed to match the order of the prediction.

Mr. Ong overcomes these weaknesses with a memorized deck which obscures the one ahead principle (l am using a marked deck to accomplish the same thing as a memorized deck - but with less work) and Jennings Optical Add-On (which solves the order issue).

If you have ever performed the old one ahead card trick, and enjoyed the reaction of spectators who were not "in the know", you might want to check out Direct Triple Prediction!!!

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