Penny punch

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Pete McCabe
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Re: Penny punch

Postby Pete McCabe » May 4th, 2017, 10:58 am

Very glad I bought two, as Richard Hatch's idea of squeezing the card between has produce a wonderful key card. No idea how long the work will last, but it seems to cut as consistently as the breather I used to use and the Scarne pinch I use currently. And it's much less visible on the back of the card than either of those two, partly because it's smaller and partly because the circular bump is hidden by a circle on the back design (of a bicycle card).

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Brett McCarron
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Re: Penny punch

Postby Brett McCarron » May 4th, 2017, 11:11 am

Here's the experiment I tried, using the punch:

I made a single punch near the border on a pair of thermographed (raised print) business cards, so that the raised surface was apparent to the touch from the face of the cards. I then mixed ten non-punched cards in with them. I was curious to see if I could feel the punched cards from among the other raised print ones. Holding the cards behind my back, it was quick work to cull the pair of punched cards by feel.

This proved to me that Jim's punch would work for an impromptu living and dead test, or to determine true vs phony occupations people have held at one time in their lives (ala my "Strange Truths" effect).

By pressing the raised "nub" with the back of my index finger nail, the raised surface all but disappeared, which would allow me to hand back the card to a spectator as a souvenir.

Jim, thanks for allowing me to participate in your marketing experiment!

Hi, I'm B.W. McCarron, author of Kara's Crystal Visions; Clearly Mental; Seers, Psychics, Sinners and Salesmen; The Gambling Magician, etc.

Jim Riser
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Re: Penny punch

Postby Jim Riser » May 4th, 2017, 8:58 pm

Great use for a Penny Punch! I like the original thinking, well done. BTW - the blister works on well on other things besides cards - like paper money. Experiment...

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