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Re: Becker's

Thanks for all of the comments gentlemen. I've the option to get UFB now but think that I'll save my pennies and eventually buy MOAB.
by MichaelDouglas
07/13/13 10:14 PM
Forum: Mentalism & Mental Magic
Topic: Becker's "Ultimate Flashback"
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Re: What is your favorite magic trick?

For close up tricks I love a coin matrix routine. It can be done impromptu with quarters and business cards, or halves and playing cards, or halves and dollar bills. There are multiple variations on it. And....when done well, it just kills the spectators.
by MichaelDouglas
05/03/11 11:29 AM
Forum: General
Topic: What is your favorite magic trick?
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Re: Postcards and other easy advertisements.

Thanks for the tip. I've been considering getting some of those election style signs. Do you have issues with permission to post them in high visibility spots?
by MichaelDouglas
03/12/11 10:42 AM
Forum: Marketing & Magic Business
Topic: Postcards and other easy advertisements.
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