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A Book in English: the blog

Hi everybody, I've created a blog in which I'll publish some contents an videos of the tricks in my recently published book "A Book in Enlgish". Please, feel free to visit it and let your comments! The URL is: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="">http://woo...
by Woody Aragon
09/03/11 08:42 PM
Forum: Other Magic Publications
Topic: A Book in English: the blog
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Re: Elmsley's Ever Change Count

Marlo also had a variation on the everchange count: instead a buckle, he let the card in a kind of lateral jog. Anyway, you can see the own Mr. Elmsley doing the count in the Elmsley videos of L&L publishing. I learned there yeard ago and I never had any problem with the move.

by Woody Aragon
08/21/11 08:19 PM
Forum: Close-Up Magic
Topic: Elmsley's Ever Change Count
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Re: New Book Coming on the Card Magic of David Berglas

I've finished reading the whole book and I just can say the same I said when I bought it in the SAM convention: THANK YOU Mr. Kauffman. It's a big, impressive, and amazing work.

by Woody Aragon
08/21/11 07:46 PM
Forum: Kaufman & Company
Topic: New Book Coming on the Card Magic of David Berglas
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Re: Juan Tamariz "Sonata"

Hi Spike, Try from the original source from Spain. I think in Editorial Frakson they have Juan's books also in french and english: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="">http://trans...
by Woody Aragon
10/21/10 09:40 AM
Forum: Close-Up Magic
Topic: Juan Tamariz "Sonata"
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