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Re: Pavel Has Died

More sad news...Is it me or are magicians dropping like flies over the past 3 months...I mean NO disrespect but...WOW!!!
by RJ_Hunt
02/10/11 01:15 AM
Forum: Buzz
Topic: Pavel Has Died
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Re: Gregory Wilson is featured in a new book "Epiphany"

I've know Gregory Wilson since 1985 and this is news to me. And someone please tell me the FBI,CIA,ATF, Secret Service, and Homeland Security dose not rely on the information of a "shoplifter"...or else we are in big trouble.
by RJ_Hunt
02/08/11 07:10 PM
Forum: Buzz
Topic: Gregory Wilson is featured in a new book "Epiphany"
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Re: Castle Review on Huffington Post

Back in the day we(LC,DM,DM,TP and myself)would get pizza in from Miceli's, or burgers & chili dogs from Pinks or In-n-Out and then we would sneak the food in and dine in the wine cellar, nobody ever went down there and if they did we'd just ducked behind the wine bar. One night Irene Larsen cau...
by RJ_Hunt
02/08/11 05:03 AM
Forum: Buzz
Topic: Castle Review on Huffington Post
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Re: Cap is Almost Here!

What a bunch of nerds...Captain America is WEAK...Gimme any one of the Fantastic Four over Captain America any day. I mean what can he do??? At least in FF you got a chick who can be invisible, one guy who can stretch, another who flies around on fire and yet another who turns into a sub-human rock....
by RJ_Hunt
02/08/11 03:13 AM
Forum: Buzz
Topic: Cap is Almost Here!
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Re: Tim Conover Has Taken His Life

I'm so bummed out...Tim and I worked a lot of the same trade-shows and conventions back in the mid 90's before I left the magic biz. I'm upset that I did not get a chance to reconnect with him since returning to magic. What I'll miss and cherish the most is Tim's advice on being a "Pro" I ...
by RJ_Hunt
02/08/11 02:11 AM
Forum: Buzz
Topic: Tim Conover Has Taken His Life
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For Sale/Trade Book: Cards As Weapons by Ricky Jay

I have a near mint copy of Cards As Weapons 2nd Ed. (Paper Back 1988) I bought this book back in 93 and it has been shelved and moved several times over the years but never really opened. The front cover has some minor de-lamination on the lower right corner. Like I said before, I picked this book u...
by RJ_Hunt
01/26/11 10:51 PM
Forum: Collector's Marketplace
Topic: For Sale/Trade Book: Cards As Weapons by Ricky Jay
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Re: BALLS! Lessons in Side-Arm Snookery

Richard, Your book "BALLS! Lessons in Side-Arm Snookery" Helped me get into the Jr Magician Program at the Magic Castle back in 1981. It was also the first "magic" related item I got when I moved from FL to CA. I picked it up at Hollywood Magic on my 12th birthday back in 1980. A...
by RJ_Hunt
01/23/11 12:08 PM
Forum: Kaufman & Company
Topic: BALLS! Lessons in Side-Arm Snookery
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