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Re: Stage Drawing Duplication

There is a drawing duplication for stage in the book "Edge of Reality". It can be performed any time in a program with no pre-show, nor any one of those fancy clip boards. Just two dry eraser boards are used and some man bits. LOL

by Ray Noble
08/23/09 10:47 PM
Forum: Mentalism & Mental Magic
Topic: Stage Drawing Duplication
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Re: Advice 4 closer

This sure brings back memories! I havent done this routine for over 20 years. It is easy as heck to do. Back then I stated my show with an envelope hanging from the ceiling on a ribbon. During my program I would ask a few questions to get to know people and moved right along. Or I would point at som...
by Ray Noble
08/23/09 10:37 PM
Forum: Mentalism & Mental Magic
Topic: Advice 4 closer
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Re: Kids show mentalism

I myself wouldn't do mentalism for kids. I was looking though my STUFF and came across this booklet titled. Mental magic with a ventriloquist figure. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="">http://maherbookstore.blogspot.c...
by Ray Noble
08/23/09 10:17 PM
Forum: Mentalism & Mental Magic
Topic: Kids show mentalism
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Re: Best “Book Test”…

For me I like using 'Reflections' from Outlaw Effects. I have found that it totally rocks and people are dumbfounded when I do it. Plus it fits in my shirt pocket and can be examined.

Also I enjoy doing 'Luna' because it isn't revealing a word, you are revealing a life.

Ray Noble
by Ray Noble
08/23/09 10:06 PM
Forum: Mentalism & Mental Magic
Topic: Best “Book Test”…
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