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Re: reading show give away

I think it sounds like a good idea overall, and the good intent is there, but making the kids work for a prize gives them nothing to work for if there is no prize. It makes them think they should be rewarded for everything they do, but that is not the case in life. I think a similar idea could be ma...
by mag6969
06/24/09 06:13 PM
Forum: Children's Entertainment
Topic: reading show give away
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Re: Easy Money + Variations

Well george, that the point of calling it a VARIATION. It's like trademarking the word the. You can't. It's too general. Just liek you cant patent a pickup truck.
by mag6969
06/24/09 06:10 PM
Forum: Light From the Lamp
Topic: Easy Money + Variations
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Re: Video performance of think a card - Eric

Haha, that guy is the perfect cross between a business man and magician. Overall great trick tho, 7/10.

(The site did take a few minutes/tries to load tho.)
by mag6969
06/24/09 06:05 PM
Forum: General
Topic: Video performance of think a card - Eric
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Re: The Internet and Magic

Ruining the trick is something that shouldn't be done period. It's funny though, with the amount of people using the internet, you can still get away with some 'popular' tricks that are popular on the internet but still people haven't seen them. Of course, there will come the point where almost EVER...
by mag6969
06/24/09 05:50 PM
Forum: General
Topic: The Internet and Magic
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