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Re: Obtaining Duplicate Signature

I published a method for this in one of my newsletters, it was called The All Night Card and how it worked was this; in a mingling situation or party etc., I would establish the concept that if I did a trick for someone who I had already worked for earlier...I would say "You already signed a ca...
by gregg
08/07/09 05:36 PM
Forum: Magicana
Topic: Obtaining Duplicate Signature
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two items from new Genii

The new work on the Gilbreath (sp) Principle in the new Genii is very interesting. A different patter line could be, "I invented a new card game. I can demonstrate it for you". At the end you can conclude, "Not only did I invent a new card game...but I also invented a way to cheat at ...
by gregg
07/17/09 05:28 PM
Forum: Magicana
Topic: two items from new Genii
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Re: What is "classic magic"?

I would say that it means effects taught in the classic books-the'classics' such as Greater Magic, Sachs's, Gaultier, etc. Erdnase...I wonder if a date could be stated and anything before that date would be 'classic'? Another way to look at it would be to say that public audiences like the classics ...
by gregg
07/10/09 05:26 PM
Forum: Platform & Stage Magic
Topic: What is "classic magic"?
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my typo

Last week I posted my opinion about what seems to me to be a precursor of sorts for Shiv Duggal's coin routine with 2 coins in the current Genii, but I committed a typo. The trick I was referring to in Coinmagic by Richard Kaufman was Odd Coin Transit and not Odd Coin Transpo, which I misspelled. Th...
by gregg
06/26/09 05:38 PM
Forum: Magicana
Topic: my typo
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platform handling of STEALING YOUR FACE

Those who liked Aaron FISHER's Stealing Your Face in the new GENII but who like me like to re-block things for platform work or stage (calling Jeff McBride) may like to hear that for that purpose a manipulator's Front Palm, as in 'the Continuous Front and Back Palm' can be substituted - everything e...
by gregg
06/19/09 04:55 PM
Forum: Kaufman & Company
Topic: platform handling of STEALING YOUR FACE
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shiv duggal coin effect in new genii

Genii readers who enjoyed the Shiv Dugall coin transpositions w just 2 coins in the new Genii may like to read Odd Coin Transpo in Richard Kaufman's COINMAGIC book. You might agree with me that they seem related, and if could make them be related by routining one after the other. Check it ...
by gregg
06/19/09 04:37 PM
Forum: Kaufman & Company
Topic: shiv duggal coin effect in new genii
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