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Genii Cover

I have been hearing rumors that Penn & Teller had something to do with the Genii Cover and the double issue I'd like to know if there is there any truth to it.
by The Grate Amazmo
10/28/12 11:59 AM
Forum: General
Topic: Genii Cover
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Rich Marotta & Twila Zone at the Snapple Theater Center in NYC

We are doing our Comedy Magic show every Saturday @5PM at the Snapple Theater Center on 50th Street and Broadway. Opening day was June 6th. Had a great opening. All forum members can get 30% off the $45 ticket price if they say they are a magician when they purchase the ticket which you can get from...
by The Grate Amazmo
06/09/09 01:58 PM
Forum: Buzz
Topic: Rich Marotta & Twila Zone at the Snapple Theater Center in NYC
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Re: The Real Paul Fox Story

The Paul Fox Beer Trick is a magnificent effect. It was my closing effect all the years I worked comedy clubs and it is still a staple in my act. I have performed the trick over 3,500 times. I know this number is correct because I made and used that many fakes. I bought my first two sets from Jeff B...
by The Grate Amazmo
02/17/05 09:44 AM
Forum: General
Topic: The Real Paul Fox Story
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The best single book on magic

I'm interested in what people think is the best single book on magic. My choice is clear. At one time I did EVERY effect in the book. Now I do all but four. The book includes close-up, stand-up and stage effects. Here's what's in this slim volume. Vernon's Card thru Hank Hermann's Card on Ceiling Le...
by The Grate Amazmo
03/25/03 10:39 AM
Forum: General
Topic: The best single book on magic
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Response to fan query

I'd like to get some feedback from other pros as to how they would respond to the following email. I have many other email just like this This one is the most recent. To: <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> Subject: Help with puppet!! Dear Ric...
by The Grate Amazmo
11/02/02 05:02 PM
Forum: General
Topic: Response to fan query
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Re: card man hell eh?

Loved the issue on and by Tamariz, but let's face it, we only dream when we are asleep. :)
by The Grate Amazmo
10/16/02 06:52 PM
Forum: Close-Up Magic
Topic: card man hell eh?
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Re: Heinstein Shuffle

The Heinstein shuffle is a good false shuffle and well worth learning. Having already mastered the Henry Hay full deck false shuffle from the Amateur Magicians Handbook, I would only learn another if I thought it was superior to the one I already do. But I find problems with the Heinstein Shuffle on...
by The Grate Amazmo
04/07/02 01:46 PM
Forum: Magicana
Topic: Heinstein Shuffle
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Re: Packets Tricks

Just come up with a logical reason for using a packet of cards. This is easy if you are doing Three Card Monte. I keep a few packet tricks in my wallet and bring them out when needed (usually after I've gone through my A, B, C & D material). Here are a few introductory lines "Have you ever ...
by The Grate Amazmo
11/09/01 09:45 PM
Forum: Close-Up Magic
Topic: Packets Tricks
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Re: A Question to the card guys

Sometimes I have the client supply the cards. I never know what I will get. I have tricks with new cards, cheap cards, used cards. I take whatever is given to me and make the most of it. If I get a good new deck I do a few effects that keep the deck in order then stack it using Darwin's Si Stibbins ...
by The Grate Amazmo
11/09/01 09:27 PM
Forum: Close-Up Magic
Topic: A Question to the card guys
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