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Re: Merry Christmas from the Chief Genii

For those who get headaches or have trouble with 3D films... 3D to 2D conversion glasses. <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... B004X4L1UC</a><!-- m --> Turns any passive (not t...
by Joe Skilton
01/01/12 06:22 AM
Forum: Buzz
Topic: Merry Christmas from the Chief Genii
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Re: Magic Castle Larsen Legacy

I'm performing at the Castle again this week, and all of my guests (all of whom are paying just like any normal visitor) agree that prices are perfectly fine. The food has improved greatly! Our head chef was previously at the Ritz in Pasadena, and the new menu is fantastic and worth every penny. Tru...
by Joe Skilton
08/07/10 04:07 PM
Forum: Buzz
Topic: Magic Castle Larsen Legacy
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Re: Levit Wand - step inside Stephen Levit's workshop!

As in much of life................... you get what you pay for.
by Joe Skilton
10/31/09 01:56 AM
Forum: Collector's Marketplace
Topic: Levit Wand - step inside Stephen Levit's workshop!
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Re: ConCam Monte by R Paul Wilson

I performed it a few times in-between my sets behind the bar at the Castle on Thursday. (Magic of Jazz event)

This is a great routine, and really easy to get the hang of. The structure is well thought out, with an ending that makes sense.

Great stuff!
by Joe Skilton
10/20/09 12:14 AM
Forum: Collector's Marketplace
Topic: ConCam Monte by R Paul Wilson
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Re: Has Hollywood Magic Vanished?

I'll miss Newell behind the counter. Thank goodness L.A. still has The Magic Apple. I've shopped at both Hollywood Magic and The Magic Apple, and they're both great for what they are. HM had the history and lost of larger props, while TMA had awesome lectures and was the cool kids' daytime hangout. ...
by Joe Skilton
10/20/09 12:09 AM
Forum: Buzz
Topic: Has Hollywood Magic Vanished?
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Re: SNL10/11/09 1247 - dLite-ful

I must disagree. If you watch the SNL clip without wearing your magician cap, you'll realize that magic has nothing to do with this clip. Nothing at all. The D'Lites aren't used as a magical effect (unless you stretch that definition to the breaking point). No magic takes place... only oddly choreog...
by Joe Skilton
10/12/09 01:39 AM
Forum: Alternative Media
Topic: SNL10/11/09 1247 - dLite-ful
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Re: Looking for a teacher in Los Angeles

Hi Aaron, I'm sure there's a lot of L.A. - based magicians who will chime in and offer their services. But the truth is that you need to find a teacher who teaches the areas of magic you most wish to study. For example: If you are into card magic, I'd suggest Jon Armstrong (<!-- w --><a class="postl...
by Joe Skilton
07/17/09 06:18 PM
Forum: General
Topic: Looking for a teacher in Los Angeles
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Re: The "Levit Wand" - Handcrafted magic wands

I had the pleasure of buying one of the very first Levit wands at the Magic Castle swap meet.

Yes, they look great... but what I really like about them is the weight and feel. Its just right.

As it turns out, Dean Dill wanted the same model I purchased! (Nice to know I have good taste!)
by Joe Skilton
06/19/09 05:11 PM
Forum: Collector's Marketplace
Topic: The "Levit Wand" - Handcrafted magic wands
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Re: Card To Wallet

A lot of card guys I know use "The Real Man's Wallet" by Steve Draun. I use it as my real, day-to-day wallet as well.

Just type "Real Man's Wallet" in google and you'll find the link. Highly Recommended!
by Joe Skilton
06/17/09 03:21 PM
Forum: Close-Up Magic
Topic: Card To Wallet
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Re: You Won't Believe This: Election in Arizona Decided by Chosing Cards

Hey Pete! PLEASE do a Scripting Magic 2!!!
by Joe Skilton
06/17/09 02:06 AM
Forum: Buzz
Topic: You Won't Believe This: Election in Arizona Decided by Chosing Cards
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Re: Rubik Cubes

Bill's got a good point, but maybe this wouldn't be as big a problem in a close-up environment. I have no idea how you'd play this on stage, however! Following up on Dustin's suggestion... If you want to learn how to legitimately solve a Rubik's Cube, I wholeheartedly recommend "How to Solve th...
by Joe Skilton
06/17/09 02:03 AM
Forum: General
Topic: Rubik Cubes
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Re: Restaurant Question

Hey Matt, I know A LOT of restaurant workers in Los Angeles (I work two restaurants myself), and I can honestly say that there is absolutely NO conflict here. In the past, my restaurants have been as little as 5 miles apart, and there's never been an issue. If a restaurant owner wants exclusivity, t...
by Joe Skilton
05/22/09 05:31 PM
Forum: Marketing & Magic Business
Topic: Restaurant Question
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