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Re: FISM 2012 - Day Six

Pete Biro wrote:MICRO magic also mean NO CARDS

Sorry you are wrong:
"Micro Magic: although playing cards are not to be excluded, the act is of a more general nature."
from the FISM contest rules.
by GayLjungberg
07/19/12 04:23 AM
Forum: Buzz
Topic: FISM 2012 - Day Six ...fism 2015 goes to italy
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Re: European FISM Winners Announced...

There is only one thing to add to Dodds list:
Most Original Act Close Up Magic: Yann Frisch

One might want to add that there was a large number of acts disqualified for beeing of sub FISM ECM standard.
by GayLjungberg
02/23/11 05:59 PM
Forum: Buzz
Topic: European FISM Winners Announced...
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Re: MacMillans - International Magic DAY TWO

To complete Craigs story (I ate later and saw the gala show Sunday evening) Davis Minkin called his Saturday spot a "lecturette". A short lecture in other words. David said that he was not an experienced lecturer, before he delivered some very valuable and experienced advice on how to appr...
by GayLjungberg
12/05/09 02:20 PM
Forum: Buzz
Topic: MacMillans - International Magic DAY TWO
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Re: FISM Competitors Announced

Would appear that the US & UK competitors are giving China a skip ... I don't recall the numbers being this low in a long time! 1 competitor from the USA 1 competitor from Great Britain In 2006 the numbers of British performers and US performers (who were not disqualified) was also very low. On...
by GayLjungberg
07/10/09 09:29 AM
Forum: Buzz
Topic: FISM Competitors Announced
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Re: Help locating trick Die/Dice

This routine uses 3 dice and forces number two by ellimination: ... +the+World
by GayLjungberg
06/20/09 10:59 AM
Forum: Close-Up Magic
Topic: Help locating trick Die/Dice
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Re: El Duco's Line of Magic to Continue

Murphy's now stocks and supplies Anglo Giants.
by GayLjungberg
04/29/09 05:05 PM
Forum: Buzz
Topic: El Duco's Line of Magic to Continue
Replies: 8
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Anglo Poker Edition09

Anglo Poker Edition09 by Offason of Sweden, with standard indices and four back designs has bin launced.

Read more at their official web page:
by GayLjungberg
04/21/09 05:21 PM
Forum: Buzz
Topic: Anglo Poker Edition09
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Re: Color changing silks Need Help!

by GayLjungberg
03/07/05 10:51 AM
Forum: Platform & Stage Magic
Topic: Color changing silks Need Help!
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Re: The Best Linking Rings

We offer a set of 5 Linking Rings made from stainless steel. They are about 12 inches diameter, key ring, chain of 2 and 2 single oversized rings. The oversized rings enables you to do very easy and convincing switches. There is also a close up sized set. Comes with Tonny van Rhees routine on cd rom...
by GayLjungberg
02/18/05 04:15 PM
Forum: Platform & Stage Magic
Topic: The Best Linking Rings
Replies: 22
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Re: Malini Egg Bag

Many versions of the Malini Egg Bag has a too small opening. It is important that the spectator can hold the bag in her hand, look into the bag and confirm that it is still empty, then catch an imaginary object with one hand and throw it into the bag and when she reaches into the bag produce the egg...
by GayLjungberg
02/18/05 04:08 PM
Forum: Close-Up Magic
Topic: Malini Egg Bag
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